Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017
Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association Designates the Head of the Fiscal Committee

According to the decision of the general meeting of the Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association participants on intensification of fiscal direction of its operations, Nelia Yevgenievna Privalova was designated as a new head of the Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy Issues.

Monday, 27 Feb 2017
Meeting Regarding the “Bioethanol Law”

On February 24, representatives of the Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association visited the meeting in the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Savings to discuss the preliminary version of the draft law regarding the production of rare biofuels, in particular bioethanol.

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017
LPG Blockade: Encouraging News

As of 20 February 2017, customs clearance of previously blocked petroleum and liquefied gas batches of only three companies: Avtotrans, Nadezhda and Gaztron-Ukraina, has started.

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017
Dialogue Between Business and Government: the Need for Mutual Understanding.

Due to the situation of petroleum products and liquefied gas customs clearance blocking, the representatives of the Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association held a series of meetings with MPs from the different parliamentary factions.

Thursday, 16 Feb 2017
LPG Market Participants Report the Attempt to Ruin Their Businesses

The participants of the liquefied market of Ukraine accuse law enforcement authorities of exerting pressure on businesses with the purpose to ruin the competition.

Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017
Consequences of Widespread Power Outages for the Ukrainians

Here we provide all scenarios of events in case if the Government will decide to implement rolling blackouts after all.

Tuesday, 14 Feb 2017
Field-Specific Associations Demand from State Authorities to Terminate Automobile Natural Gas Market Disruption

Unprecedented pressure of state authorities on liquefied gas importers will lead to breakdown of stable system of motor fuel supply to Ukraine, market monopolization and ultimately price increase for consumers.

Wednesday, 1 Feb 2017
The Association Takes Part in Expert Round Table of Entrepreneurs

The representatives of Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association (former UOGA) took part in expert round table organized by the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.