Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association Designates the Head of the Fiscal Committee

Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017

Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association Designates the Head of the Fiscal Committee

According to the decision of the general meeting of the Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association participants on intensification of fiscal direction of its operations, Nelia Yevgenievna Privalova was designated as a new head of the Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy Issues.

Her responsibilities will include preparation of projects on introducing amendments to taxation and customs laws, related to operations of the Association’s members, interaction with legislative and executive authorities: the Committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on budgetary and taxation policies, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, other ministries and institutions, as well as with specialists in the tax assessment field.

President of the Ukrainian Oil&Gas Associatione Dmitrii Kulik stated that he was excited to see in the team the professional with high experience in business and government, who has the potential for addressing challenges the Association faced.

Making a comment on her designation, Nelia Privalova said:

“Work in the Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association is a logical follow-up of my professional activity, which allows sharing experience and knowledge with the Association members, helping them in their practical activity from one hand, and from the other hand, improving administration and tax assessment of the oil and gas industry in general. One of the priority tasks for the near future is to develop suggestions on legislation improvement, directed to minimization of illegal fuel distribution in the country, including by extending the functionality of the electronic fuel realization administration system.”


Nelia Yevgenievna Privalova has 22-year experience related both to practical implementation and reforming of the tax assessment system. For 8 years, she worked as a senior accountant of commercial enterprises of different economic sectors. For 9 years she worked as executive supervisor of Kiev branch of Balance-Club Publishing and Consulting Company and for 3 years she worked as the head of the Department of Methodological Work of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine on tax assessment issues. She was actively involved in tax legislation improvement. For 5 years, she was the member of the Public Collegiums under the Committee of Verkhovna Rada on tax and customs policy issues, the State Tax Service of Ukraine and the member of the Ukrainian Public Organization “Ukrainian Accounting Club” Council for 5 years. Ph.D. in Economics.

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