Discussion of energy strategy of Ukraine: the final stage.

Thursday, 23 Mar 2017

Discussion of energy strategy of Ukraine: the final stage.

Discussion of energy strategy of Ukraine: the final stage.

In the fuel and energy sector, discussion of the project of the Energy Strategy by 2035 is reaching its final stage. This is the fifth version of the energy strategy for the country for the entire period of its independence.

In addition to that, it is another attempt to collect and summarize the opinions and proposals of virtually all interested companies, industry associations, experts, scientific organizations to develop an effective fundamental document that would contribute to the development of the country’s energy independence, taking into account the obligations Ukraine assumed in the framework of the European integration processes.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association presented their proposals on the section of the oil and gas sector for discussion. We continue to uphold the principles of fair competition in the market, maximum transparency, non-admission of any preferences, bonuses, tax benefits to certain market participants.

Therefore, our remarks included the question of the expediency of attracting investors for the construction of a new oil refinery in Ukraine, the modernization of existing facilities to 75% refining depth of petroleum products, the need to introduce programs that stimulate the development of fuel stations selling alternative E85 fuel, and much more.

Proposals made by the Association include the need to develop the Law on the Motor Fuel Market of Ukraine. We believe that there is an urgent need to determine the legal basis for the functioning of the oil products market, to consolidate the principles of free competition that do not allow them to be violated by the state, levels of consumer protection, and to provide for security requirements in accordance with the requirements of the EU motor fuel market.

Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association proposals were consonant with the opinion of a number of other specialists. They were generally accepted for the formation of materials to be sent to the working group under the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry to prepare the final version of the Energy Strategy.

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