Improving the system of control over the actual turnover of fuel in Ukraine.

Thursday, 27 Apr 2017

Improving the system of control over the actual turnover of fuel in Ukraine.

Improving the system of control over the actual turnover of fuel in Ukraine.

On April 26 within the scope of preparation of the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On the procedure for maintaining the Unified State Register of flow meters and level gauges for oil tank fuel volume measuring and the procedure of their readings transmission to the State Fiscal Service authorities” the on-site meeting of a working group was held at the existing oil tank farm, which was already equipped with such measuring devices.

The working group included representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the State Fiscal Service, manufacturers, and Nelia Privalova, the Chairman of the Tax Committee of the Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association.

It is worth noting that the Association takes very active part in the preparation of this project. Recently we have submitted a detailed wording of the document, which in our opinion promotes maximum use of technical capabilities of flow meters and level gauges; we also proposed the mechanics of the phased implementation of the new rules for installation and operation of measuring devices depending on the excise warehouse production capacities. Achieving maximum ease of use for business is still one of the priorities.

The Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association point is as follows: the introduction of civilized instruments of measuring the turnover and remnants of petroleum products will help enterprises improve the system of internal managerial control, and the state — upgrade the system of fiscal control over taxes payment for all imported and manufactured fuel volume. This step in turn will be another stage in minimizing the illegal market of oil products, which by the end of last year only in the sector of LNG reached 30%.

Let us recall that according to the amended Tax Code, the regime of excise warehouses, which obligatorily must be equipped with flow-meters and level gauges, shall be applied to all oil tank farms and petroleum products storage facilities and not only to producing companies.

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