Oil and Gas Association Supports Development of Technical Regulations.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Oil and Gas Association Supports Development of Technical Regulations.

Oil and Gas Association Supports Development of Technical Regulations.

On September 30, a working meeting with O. P. Yaroshenko, the Deputy Director of SE Research Institute of Scientific and Production Enterprise MASMA was held in the OGA office.

The meeting participants discussed ways of harmonizing the existing regulatory and technical documentation in the fields of production and sale of petroleum products and bringing them in line with the national legislative framework.

For example, it is necessary to develop technical regulations for alternative high-biocomponent fuels (bioethanol, biodiesel etc.) and to amend instructions No. 271 and No. 282 regulating quality control and the procedure for receiving, transporting, storing petrochemicals at Ukrainian enterprises.

One of the most important tasks for the industry is the preparation of technical documents for assessing the compliance of liquefied petroleum gas (a mixture of propane and butane) that is also used as motor fuel for motor vehicles. While the current legislation contains standards for determining the quality for this type of fuel, it is necessary to adopt technical regulations for their mandatory implementation. In turn, a clear standardization of procedures and rules is one of the effective measures aimed at combating counterfeiting, which is one of the key tasks of the Oil and Gas Association.

Because of the recent cancellation of Soviet norms of natural loss of petroleum products in economic activities, a situation has arisen in which the losses of petroleum products are subject to excise tax and VAT during their receipt, storage, and transportation. With this in mind, it is necessary to develop a sufficiently large volume of uniform norms, requirements, and confirmation procedures in the shortest possible time, which will allow resolving the situation with unlawful collisions in accounting and tax accounting.

The issue of preparing the necessary list of standards by the end of 2017 was agreed upon at the OGA meeting. Involvement of representatives of other industry communities and enterprises of the oil refining complex in addition to the experts of the Association is planned.

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