Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017

On July 13, a meeting of the Chairman of the State Architectural and Construction Inspection Aleksei Kudriavtsev and the representatives of domestic business entities was held in the Federation of Employers of Ukraine.

The representatives of Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association were also present at the meeting since the recent innovations in the regulation of urban development are also relevant to fuel retail. We are keenly interested in the simplification of the required technical documentation execution and approval procedures when designing and commissioning fuel/gas filling stations, as well as the elimination of opportunities for abuse by officials of different levels.

Another step to the shift from the authorisation system to the European declarative system in the field of construction was made on June 10, 2017 when changes in the Ukrainian legislation regulating urban development came into force. The double classification of construction site alert levels was eliminated, and the system of control and technical inspections as well as many other authorisation procedures for major developers was simplified.

Unfortunately, most changes have not been introduced to the construction sites where filling stations equipment is used. According to the new amendments, oil and gas complex objects along with large housing estates, shopping and leisure centres and other large-scale architectural constructions refer to the 2nd (CC2) and the 3rd (CC3) consequence classes and remain subject to inflexible commissioning procedure. Examination of changes introduced to the Resolution of the CMU of April 27, 2011 No. 557 turned out to be generally impossible due to the fact that the specified projects are under consideration in the relevant ministries and administrations.

Today the state is showing its willingness to decrease the administrative burden on businesses quite actively. Many of the bureaucratic barriers have been cancelled and specific procedures are carried out in the electronic format. However, the issues regarding the improvement of the existing rules and regulations remain relevant. Therefore, Oil & Gas Association will henceforth focus on making remarks and proposals regarding amendments to oil and gas sector legislation including the legal instruments of demolition of illegitimate refuelling stations.

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