We are proud to have helped our native city

Monday, 7 Aug 2017

We are proud to have helped our native city

We are proud to have helped our native city

Our company has actively participated in the program of demolition of illegal gas stations in Kyiv. We are proud to have helped the city in which we were born, where we live and work, and which we love.

We cannot tolerate the fact that we are investing a fortune in the purchase of land, executing station projects and paying all municipal and state fees, while the entities not authorised to sell gas are doing so.

I think many people do not understand the scale of the problem that was eventually solved by Vitalii Klychko. The activities of the illegal operators resulted in the losses in the city budget estimated at UAH 500 mn per year. These funds could have been used to create so many things…

On the situation regarding illegal gas business in the capital and in Ukraine as a whole, on the measures taken by the legal players to adjust the competition in the fuel market, on how do the responsible citizens of the country feel about shadow schemes, and many other subjects — Viacheslav Steshenko, a co-owner of KLO filling station network for the industry media outlet Oilnews.com.ua


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