Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association Strengthens its Position in the Fuel Market

Thursday, 14 Sep 2017

Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association Strengthens its Position in the Fuel Market

Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association Strengthens its Position in the Fuel Market

On September 13, a general meeting of the participants of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association (UOGA) took place, at which a number of organizational and operational issues was resolved.

The key points of the meeting were the final approval of the UOGA Code of Corporate Ethics and the admission of new members to the largest industry association.

The discussion of the document, which should regulate the principles and rules of business ethics, binding upon all members of the Association, had lasted for almost a year. The Agreement declares the intention of the companies to carry out activities only within the framework of the effective Ukrainian legislation, observe the standards of the ecological quality of oil products and demonstrate respectful attitude to consumers and employees, as well as promote the development of fair and healthy competition.

Increase in the membership of the Association also pursued the same goals. Two strong players in the wholesale and retail market: Grusco Ukraine, the owner of the fuel station chain and the subsidiary of the Swiss oil trader Proton Energy Group, as well as Tsentrnaftogaspostach, the importer and supplier of liquefied gas, should significantly strengthen the position of the Association in addressing important industry issues. When considering the candidates, the main criteria were transparent, civilized methods of work and readiness to share the principles of the UOGA.

Commenting on the results of the vote, the President of the Oil & Gas Association Dmytro Kulyk said:

Our Association will never be pocket-size, manual and protecting the interests of one or several market players. We are determined to develop a civilized market, in general, the oil and gas industry, relying on the best European standards. Our goal is a successful business, and therefore a successful country.

Improvement of the regulatory and legal framework remains the key priority for the Association members. Therefore, a significant part of the meeting was devoted to discussing proposals for improving the administration of the oil products market, as well as developing a document that defines the norms for the natural loss of petroleum products. The first project is aimed at reducing pressure from the regulatory authorities and reducing the illegal market segment, the second one will allow correcting the legal collisions that have arisen in connection with the abolition of a number of Soviet regulatory acts by the Cabinet as soon as possible. For the preparation of the first and the second documents, the best experts of the domestic market were attracted along with the experts of the Oil & Gas Association, and the experience of the countries of the European Union was studied.

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