Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018
New Autogas Quality Standard Developed with Account of the European Union’s Standards Enters into Force in Ukraine on 1 February 2018

The State Standard DSTU588:2017 (EN 589:2008+A1:2012, IDT) enters into force on 1 February 2018. The document sets stricter requirements to quality of the LPG used for motor vehicles and also brings the Ukrainian standard into compliance with the European one.

Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018
Annual Meeting of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association: Summarising 2017 and Planning 2018

On 29 January, the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association held the annual work meeting of its members where the report on the Association’s operation for 2017 was discussed, and the main objectives for 2018 were set.

Sunday, 21 Jan 2018
Changes in the Team of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association

Yana Lesteva, the press secretary of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association, is leaving the largest organisation in the industry to continue her career at SOCAR Energy Ukraine.