Ukrainian Energy Forum by the Adam Smith Institute Supported by the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association Gathering Leading Experts of the Industry Again

Saturday, 27 Jan 2018

27 February — 1 March 2018, Intercontinental Hotel, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Energy Forum by the Adam Smith Institute is holding another meeting of Ukrainian and international energy societies at Intercontinental Hotel in Kyiv, from 27 February to 1 March 2018.

The Forum has been a relevant and independent platform for the dialogue among all the market players concerned for eight years, including key public officials and regulatory authorities, senior executives of leading national state-owned and private companies, operating and potential strategic investors, recognised experts, advisors and financial specialists.

This year, the event is supported by the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association. The three-day programme of the Forum covers the entire range of elements of the Ukrainian energy industry, namely:

  • What has been done and needs to be done to reform the energy market?
  • How to create efficient trading conditions for the Ukrainian gas market?
  • How to increase internal production and, therefore, energy independence and competitive ability?
  • How to draw investments to production and service markets?
  • Future reformation of the electric power sector and integration into the European Energy Systems.
  • How to develop “green energy” in Ukraine?
  • Politics and legislative amendments: new energy strategy and launch of the liberalised electric power market.
  • Integration of the Ukrainian and European energy systems.
  • Renewable sources of energy as a catalyst of private investments.
  • Municipal energy efficiency projects: are they ready for private investments?


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