Annual Meeting of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association: Summarising 2017 and Planning 2018

Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018

Annual Meeting of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association: Summarising 2017 and Planning 2018

Annual Meeting of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association: Summarising 2017 and Planning 2018

On 29 January, the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association held the annual work meeting of its members where the report on the Association’s operation for 2017 was discussed, and the main objectives for 2018 were set.

The Association demonstrated key operating indicators and achievements of 2017 that include the following:

  • Structural and image changes: creation of the new brand and renaming of the Association, start of project management and improvement of the talent pool.
  • New members of the Association, including such industry leaders as UkrGasVydobuvannya, Tsentrnaftogazpostach, Gaztron-Ukraine, Glusco Energy S.A., and Alliance Oil Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association joining the work group of Fuels Europe, the largest union of industry associations and companies recycling and selling oil products in the European Union.
  • Inclusion of the oil product retail excise duty into the base rate, reduction of the volume of shadow fuel on the market, and decrease in the excise duty rate for butane four times and a half.
  • Participation in removal of blocking of the liquefied gas importers.
  • Active support in implementation of the programme of the Kyiv City State Administration for counteraction to illegal fuel and gas filling stations in Kyiv.
  • Development of the new system for control over actual turnover and remains of fuel at its manufacturing, sale and storage facilities by means of measuring equipment installed at all excise warehouses.
  • The first version of the oil product natural loss draft has been developed and is passing the first stage of approval by Ukrainian companies, organisations and enterprises.
  • Active work of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association has resulted in return of the draft law on adding biocomponents into motor fuel types for modification.

The Association’s plans for 2018 are as follows:

  • Assistance in development of fair competition on the oil product market and implementation of the antimonopoly laws on the market.
  • Expansion of the project for counteraction to illegal fuel and gas filling stations into regions of Ukraine, and development of additional mechanisms for efficient counteraction to and monitoring of the situation in Kyiv.
  • Necessary amendments to the Tax and Customs Codes regarding upgrade of the Fuel Sale Electronic Administration System and synchronisation thereof to license oil product manufacturing / sale / storage activity, and to increase transparency of oil product public procurement.
  • Support of legislative establishment of the transfer to the declarative principle in occupation safety, reduction of the number of authorisation documents, unsubstantiated inspections of business by regulatory authorities.
  • Development of the dialogue within the industry: interaction with industry organisations, regulatory authorities, representation of the industry’s interests at national and European conferences.
  • Development of international cooperation with industry organisations and associations, assistance in bringing Ukrainian laws into compliance with the EU laws.
  • Proposals on modification of the draft law on adding biocomponents into motor fuel types for modification.
  • Participation in development of legislative acts on creation and operation of the system for provision of minimum oil and oil product reserves in Ukraine.

The same way as it has been doing for eight years of its operation in the industry, in 2018 the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association will keep assisting the oil product market, implementing the best world practices, market-driven economy and free trade principles, development of honest and fair competition and raising of environmental standards of fuel on the Ukrainian market. The Association intends to satisfy needs and product rights of consumers to the maximum extent by providing them with high-quality oil products meeting the highest effective standards, and to adhere to the principles of mutual trust, reliability, honesty and business partnership in relations of the market operators and customers.

The Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association is the industry association acting on behalf of the largest oil and gas market players. Today, the Association includes fourteen largest wholesale, retail, manufacturing and treatment companies representing the national, international, private and state-owned businesses. The Association’s members provide for approximately 50 % of oil product retail trade and approximately 80 % of the oil product import market.

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