Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association will initiate the development of technical regulations regarding the requirements for liquefied gases

Wednesday, 14 Feb 2018

On February 13, 2018 the regular meeting of the Committee of the Oil and Gas Association of Ukraine was held regarding safety, operation, construction and quality of fuel. In the course of meeting, the issue of prolongation of the expiry date of autogas GOST 27578-87 standard for “Hydrocarbon Liquefied Gases” until January 1, 2019, set by “Ukrainian Science, Research and Education Center of Standardization, Certification and Quality” was put forward for consideration.

The majority of committee members have voted in support of Order № 24 UKR NDC dated 26.01.2018 on prolongation of the old GOST standard, while at the same time making a unanimous decision to initiate development of technical regulations regarding requirements for liquefied gases.

The Chairman of the Oil & Gas Association for Safety, Operation, Construction and Fuel Quality — Sergei Kotov stated that the Committee plans to create a working group in conjunction with the „Liquefied Natural Gas Association of Ukraine”, involving specialists from specialized institutes, to prepare a draft technical regulation for September 1, 2018 with further transfer of the project to authorized bodies.

We remind that „Ukrainian Research and Education Center for Standardization, Certification and Quality Problems” extended the old standard of liquid petroleum gas DSTU 27578-87 for „Gases hydrocarbon liquefied for road transport” until January 1, 2019. The decision to extend the old DSTU was taken on January 26, by order No. 24, and on February 2, 2018 the order was published on the department’s website.

The Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association is the industry association representing the interests of the largest players in the oil and gas market. Today, the Association consists of 14 largest wholesale, retail, producing and processing companies representing national, international, private and state-owned business, including: gas station networks of WOG, ОKKО, Shell, AMIC Ukraine, Socar, KLO, Parallel, SunOil, Glusco, Gastron, Ukrgasvydobuvannya, Tsentrnaftogaspostach and wholesale suppliers as BNK-Ukraine and Alliance-Oil Ukraine. Members of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association cover approximately 50% of retail trade and almost 80% of the import of petroleum products.

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