WOG – the best coffee-stop in Kiev according to Nielsen

Wednesday, 7 Mar 2018

WOG – the best coffee-stop in Kiev according to Nielsen

WOG – the best coffee-stop in Kiev according to Nielsen

The WOG gas station network became the leader among the networks of gas stations in the coffee category in 2017, the WOG press service said, referring to the Nielsen marketing research. According to the results of the survey, 63% of buyers noted that “coffee at WOG filling stations is the most delicious”.

The head of the public food department WOG Maxim Pyatakov, explained that coffee is included in the basket of top-5 goods, most often purchased at filling stations. Sales of coffee in the WOG network in 2017 increased by 6 million cups compared to 2016, and amounted to 26 million servings. The implementation of the hot drink is carried out on the basis of 386 WOG CAFÉ, of which 363 cafes are located at the WOG filling stations, 16 — on Intercity trains and 7 cafés of the city format — outside the filling stations.

The quality of snacks in the networks of the filling stations was as follows: first place was taken by the WOG network (their hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches and baked goods are preferred by more than half of the respondents), second place — OKKO, the third — KLO.

The study also emphasizes that more and more motorists prefer shopping at gas stations. Such stores gradually cease to be a place for making an exclusively impulse purchase. According to the results of the survey, in 2017 the majority of shoppers at the gas station planned to purchase in advance, and only 15% of respondents did not plan their purchases before shopping at the gas station.

The TOP-3 of the most profitable cards included loyalty programs WOG, OKKO and KLO. At the same time, 27% of respondents preferred the WOG network map, and the number of respondents who consider the most profitable OKKO network card reached 22%.

Also, the study showed which networks have the most recognizable brand. Thus, the WOG network has a high brand index of capital — 3.05 (the strongest brand), in second place OKKO — 2.82 (medium strength brand). These networks also have better awareness indicators among metropolitan drivers (close to 100%).

It is worth noting that 76% of respondents did not visit new gas stations in the last month. And of the remaining 24% for more than half the reason for changing the usual type of filling was that the “new” filling station was on the route. The second reason was the opening of a new station of the preferred network.

We remind you that WOG is a network of gas stations, numbering 512 objects in all regions of Ukraine. They’re are an active member of the Oil and Gas Association of Ukraine since 2010. The company imports oil products from factories in Romania, Israel, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus and other countries. The annual import of oil products of the company is about 2 million tons. They also have 32 tank farms, 250 gasoline tankers, stationary and mobile laboratories for checking the quality of petroleum products.

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