Ukrainian Oil and Gas Association signed a memorandum with the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine

Tuesday, 3 Jul 2018

On July 3, 2018, Ukrainian Oil and Gas Association (UOGA) and the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) signed a memorandum on creating favorable conditions for the development of fair competition in the oil products market.

The signing was attended by the Head of AMCU Yuriy Terentyev, President of UOGA Dmitry Kulyk and representatives of UOGA members — the largest wholesale, retail, extractive and processing companies, representing national, international, private and state business, who are interested in a civilized and competent approach to the development of their own activity and the oil and gas market as a whole.

The purpose of the memorandum is to build an effective dialogue between government and market operators, ensure objectivity and impartiality of fuel market research, and prevent the infringement of consumer interests.

President of UOGA Dmitry Kulyk claimed: “The Association is always ready for a constructive dialogue with the AMCU and any other state bodies. We build cooperation with the AMCU on the principle of fair treatment of all market participants and non-discriminatory approach to these or other businesses. Equal competitive opportunities — one of the factors that leads to increased investment flows, to the development of the industry, and, consequently, to the strengthening of the country’s economy. We can achieve this through open dialogue and cooperation with all concerned parties. ”

Note, however, that for several years on a regular basis UOGA members inform supervisory authorities of information provided by law on the quality of petroleum products sold and pricing. At the same time, there are many operators on the market who for many years do not want to conduct their activities transparently, are not going to share such data either with the consumer or with the AMCU.

Ukrainian Oil and Gas Association believes that the signing of the memorandum is the first, but not the last, step towards creating conditions for fair economic competition, effective development of the oil and gas industry, successful business that contributes to the country’s sustainable development, strengthening its economy and improving the lives of ordinary Ukrainians.


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