WOG joined the educational campaign “Wait!”

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018

WOG joined the educational campaign “Wait!”

WOG joined the educational campaign “Wait!”

The current member of Ukrainian Oil and Gas Association (UOGA) — the network of gas-filling stations WOG company joined the educational company ” Wait!” and placed educational videos on monitors at WOG filling stations, says the press service of the company.

“Don’t be stupid!”- appeals “God” to the viewer in the new social clips of the educational campaign ” Wait!” launched by the National Program for the prevention of traffic and road traffic injuries of children and youth — Traffic Challenge. Within the framework of this campaign, 5 animated clips about the most common causes of death in an accident have been created.

Michael Homa, front man of the DZIDZIO band voiced videos.

Among the risk factors in accidents, which are mentioned in the videos — speeding, driving in a state of intoxication, the non-use of seat belts, and the lack of car seats for children and helmets for motorcyclists.

Informational and educational campaign “Wait!” is launched in support of a free educational platform for road safety. The platform will host 50 video lessons on various topics — everything that every person should know about what constitutes the safety of each type of road users, about the world’s best practices, statistics and methods for combating road deaths and injuries, life hacks and modern trends in road safety. ” Wait!” video is going to be distributed in cinemas, on television and on Internet resources. All the videos you may see at:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC48aLnkMo2sBi0Mp4VsHFfw/videos

The current member of Ukrainian Oil and Gas Association — the national network of WOG refueling complexes has 512 facilities in all regions of Ukraine. The company imports oil products from factories in Romania, Israel, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus and other countries. The annual import of oil products of the company is about 2 million tons. It also has 32 tank farms, 250 gasoline tankers, stationary and mobile laboratories for checking the quality of petroleum products.

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