OKKO and “Come Back Alive” Collected UAH 325 Million for SHARK Intelligence Complexes

Monday, 10 Apr 2023

OKKO and “Come Back Alive” Collected UAH 325 Million for SHARK Intelligence Complexes

OKKO and “Come Back Alive” Collected UAH 325 Million for SHARK Intelligence Complexes

The OKKO network and the “Come Back Alive” army support fund have completed the collection of 325 million hryvnias for 25 “SHARK” reconnaissance systems for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This was reported by the company’s press service.

The “OKKO ZA OKKO” (pan for An EYE for An EYE) initiative began in November of last year. For each liter of Puls-branded fuel sold, OKKO transferred 1 hryvnia to SHARK. In addition, concerned Ukrainians donated money to the complexes and to the special account “Come Back Alive”.

“We did it. Thanks to each of the millions of Ukrainian drivers who joined the initiative. As a group, we were able to quickly accumulate the necessary amount for reconnaissance complexes to strengthen the army. Literally every week, we saw plus one new “SHARK” on the counter. Your involvement and support are impressive,” comments Vasyl Danylyak, CEO of OKKO. “You encourage us not to stop. Today we are summing up the results of one initiative, and tomorrow we will start a new, no less large-scale project to help the Armed Forces together with ‘Come Back Alive’ and you.”

“Millions of Ukrainians joined our OKKO project to help the army, and we are grateful to everyone,” says Come Back Alive director Taras Chmut. “The first of the ‘SHARK’ complexes is already in the Armed Forces, and soon the remaining 24 will conduct reconnaissance along the entire front. They will track the movement of the enemy and adjust artillery fire to a depth of up to 60 kilometers. This means that they will save the lives of our defenders and bring victory in the war with Russia closer. It is important to note that these are not separate drones, but self-sufficient autonomous complexes in a four-wheel drive minibus specially designed by the Foundation team for their work. This significantly increases the mobility and capabilities of the crews and ensures their safety.”

We would like to remind you that each of the 25 “SHARK” complexes worth UAH 13 million includes a Torsus Terrastorm walk-through car from Pulsar Expo equipped with a control point, a launcher, and two UAVs from Ukrspecsystems, which have a wingspan of 3.4 m, the ability to operate in the air up to 4 hours, and resistance to electronic devices. The camera of these UAVs makes it possible to perform adaptive target tracking even at an object speed of 100 km/h.

As part of the initiative, the Army will also purchase 25 reserve drones so that drones lost or damaged during missions can be replaced in time. While the collection was going on, 25 crews were also being trained to control the UAV.

AZK OKKO network (“Galnaftogaz Concern”), an active member of the Ukrainian  Oil and Gas Association, is part of the OKKO Group and one of the largest gas station networks in Ukraine. The company’s structure also includes a network of on-the-go catering establishments, stationary and mobile oil product quality control laboratories, and other divisions that sell goods through gas station stores, sell petroleum products in large and small groups, and provide fuel quality examination services.

For additional information about the company, please visit https://www.okko.ua/.

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