SOCAR Announces Fundraiser for Housing of Orphans

Monday, 10 Apr 2023

SOCAR Announces Fundraiser for Housing of Orphans

SOCAR Announces Fundraiser for Housing of Orphans

The SOCAR company, the charity foundation “Tvoya opora” (Your Support) and Kateryna Osadcha, in cooperation with the authorized adviser to the President of Ukraine on children’s rights and child rehabilitation, Daria Gerasymchuk, announce the collection of funds for a house for a family raising orphans, according to a press release from SOCAR.

As part of the “Home for Children” project, SOCAR will collect funds from the sale of drinks in special cups and branded merchandise. You can also contribute to the project by making a charitable donation through the SOCAR application or on the “Tvoya opora” platform.

“Together we can help those who have lost their homes because every child needs a comfortable and secure home. I am glad that our partnership with SOCAR and “Tvoya opora” is dedicated to children. By simply buying a fragrant coffee from a charity cup, you are contributing to the future of Ukraine,” says Kateryna Osadcha.

“We want Ukrainian children to have the opportunity to make plans, dream, make new friends, and feel safe. This care is possible for families thanks to the “Home for Children” project,” says Valeriya Tatarchuk, founder of “Tvoya opora”. “Last year, in less than a month, we raised 3.7 million hryvnias for a new home for a family-type orphanage. These results are incredible! I thank Ukrainians for their ongoing donations and support of their people. I believe that the joint effort with SOCAR and Kateryna Osadcha will bring some happiness to families with orphaned children. These families were forced to become refugees in their own land, and we can make a difference.”

“Nearly 300 family-type children’s homes have lost their housing. We cannot stand aside, as helping those in need is one of the key directions in our company’s activities. We are grateful to our partners for their cooperation, and the funds raised will provide an opportunity to help a family raising orphaned children,” says Olena Osypchuk, PR director of SOCAR Energy Ukraine.

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