“OKKO and ‘Come Back Alive’ Launch New Project: Arming Territorial Defense Forces to the Teeth”

Wednesday, 12 Apr 2023

“OKKO and ‘Come Back Alive’ Launch New Project: Arming Territorial Defense Forces to the Teeth”

“OKKO and ‘Come Back Alive’ Launch New Project: Arming Territorial Defense Forces to the Teeth”

OKKO and the “Come Back Alive” foundation have launched a new joint project to support the armed forces: “OKKO ZA OKKO 2” (a play on words: “An Eye for An Eye 2”). Its purpose is to provide all territorial defense forces (TDF) brigades with automatic grenade launchers, large-caliber machine guns, and mortars, to meet their urgent needs. To achieve this, the company and the foundation are raising 400 million hryvnias.

“When there’s a war going on, there’s no time to relax. We continue to provide non-stop support to strengthen our military for the sake of victory. So, while the first project was ongoing, we developed the second one with the foundation,” says Vasyl Danylyak, CEO of OKKO. “We are sure that the new stage will also unite a powerful community driven by the common goal of arming 31 TDF brigades to the teeth. These 31 brigades are where almost every one of us has a friend, colleague, or acquaintance. They are the same ordinary boys and girls who stood up and went to defend our country.”

The mechanics of the “OKKO ZA OKKO 2” project remain the same: OKKO will transfer 1 hryvnia from every liter of PULLS 95/Diesel fuel sold to the armed reinforcement of the Defense Ministry. In addition, it will also be possible to make a donation to the special account of the “Come Back Alive” foundation.

“We are buying collective, group infantry weapons that are in high demand in the ongoing war in the East. These weapons are no longer individual but directly used on the battlefield, at the platoon, company, and battalion levels,” says Taras Chmut the director of “Come Back Alive” foundation. “Each of the 31 TDF brigades is involved in hostilities in one way or another. We participated in the creation of the TDF and deployed the TDF Command before the full-scale invasion. We actively work with the TDF after the start of the full-scale invasion, and today, despite the active involvement of the TDF in this war, they receive weapons and equipment on a residual basis. There is a big shortage of the very weapons that we are purchasing, and what we will purchase will significantly increase the potential of most of the TDF brigades directly on the battlefield.”

The collected funds will be used to purchase 100 automatic grenade launchers (UAH-40), 200 large-caliber machine guns (SCG), and 300 82 mm mortars. The weapons will be delivered by military parties as they are manufactured.

Recently, OKKO participated in the “Come Back Alive” fundraiser for “Long Arms of Territorial Defense Forces.” The donation of UAH 48 million completely covered the need of 11 regions, where there was a shortage of 22% to 55% of the required amount for reconnaissance and strike complexes for local ground defense brigades.

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For more information about the company, please visit https://www.okko.ua/ .

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