UPG Petrol Station Network donates a new batch of pickups and trailers to the Ukrainian Army

Tuesday, 18 Apr 2023

UPG Petrol Station Network donates a new batch of pickups and trailers to the Ukrainian Army

UPG Petrol Station Network donates a new batch of pickups and trailers to the Ukrainian Army

The UPG Petrol Station Network has donated 86 new off-road vehicles to the Ukrainian Army during the ongoing full-scale war to fortify the country’s defense. The national company has recently added five powerful Mitsubishi L200 pickups, worth over 5,000,000 hryvnias, to carry out combat missions on the front line, as well as a trailer for transporting military equipment. The company’s press service announced this in a statement.

“Our defenders must have wheels, and modern new cars will not let them down. We have been and will continue to help the army – this is our principled position and duty as Ukrainians who were born, live, and work here. I am convinced that the business and each of us must do our utmost today to protect our country. We continue to hold the fuel front, strengthen the economy, and help the military,” said Volodymyr Petrenko, the founder and owner of the UPG group of companies.

Petrenko also explained that UPG not only provides vehicles to the front line, but also fuels the Ukrainian Army and fulfills other equally important requests from the military. The company has already directed more than 150,000,000 hryvnias towards this cause. Additionally, the company supports people who have suffered from the destructive consequences of the war.

The new off-road vehicles are already performing special combat missions, meeting the most urgent needs of the soldiers – allowing them to remain mobile, delivering necessary cargo promptly, and evacuating the wounded. According to the military, vehicles of this class and equipment are essential on the front line. It is equally valuable that the pickups are brand new, ensuring their reliability. This guarantee for the defenders is that the cargo will arrive on time, the combat mission will be completed, and our heroes will return alive.

The company announced that it will deliver the next batch of off-road vehicles to the Ukrainian Army and emphasized that they remain united with Ukraine and its people in this struggle for freedom and independence. “Together, we are the superpower that the enemy fears, together, we are invincible!” claimed the UPG press service.

UPG also reminds customers that they can purchase a full range of fuels at UPG gas stations, including A-95, gas, and diesel. For owners of powerful and modern cars, the company offers branded gasoline UPG100 and UPG95. All fuels meet the Euro-5 standard and undergo multi-level testing to guarantee their quality. Customers can find the corresponding quality certificate from the manufacturer, indicating the European country of origin, at each filling station.

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