Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association is the club of select participants who are interested in a civilized and competent approach to the development of their operations and the oil and gas market in general.

Currently, the Association comprises networks of fuel stations and wholesale fuel suppliers: WOG, OKKO, Shell, AMIC Ukraine, SOCAR, KLO, Parallel, Ukrgazvydobuvannya.

Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association takes an active part in the development of the legislative framework of the country, monitoring and solution of problematic issues of the industry and actively cooperates with the public authorities, private and public enterprises, industry and consumer associations, consulting agencies and media to implement and comply with European quality standards of services in the market and protect the interests of the Association members.

Our goal is the efficient development of oil and gas industry, a successful business that contributes to sustainable development of the country, strengthening its economy and improving the lives of ordinary Ukrainians. And we can achieve this through open dialogue and cooperation with all stakeholders.

Organizational structure of the Association

An officer of the Association is the head of the relevant Committee.

The head of the Committee ensures the continuous participation of the Association in the public councils of the respective departments, communicates with employees of such agencies together with the President of the Association.

Members of the committees comprise permanently dedicated allocated or temporarily delegated representatives of companies being part of the Association, as well as invited experts.

Code of Ethics of Participants
Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association