Wednesday, 27 Dec 2017
Glusco Became EBA Member

The National Fuel Company Glusco became the full member of the European Business Association (EBA).

Thursday, 7 Dec 2017
Amendment on Introduction of 5.5% Duty for Petroleum Products Import Has Been Rejected

Verkhovna Rada Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy has rejected the amendment to the draft Tax Code providing for introduction of a protective duty for petroleum products import in the amount of 5.5%.

Thursday, 23 Nov 2017
More Regions of Ukraine Suffer from Illegal Gas Stations

In contrast to the capital, owners of illegal natural gas module stations in Kyiv Region have lost any common sense. This was declared by the Region Governor Oleksandr Horhan at LNG Ukraine 2017, the Ukrainian forum of liquefied gas market.

Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017
President of the Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association: SOCAR Gains Ground in the Ukrainian Market

In his exclusive interview with the Ukrainian bureau Report, Dmitry Kulik, the president of Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association, said that despite the difficult investment and business climate in Ukraine, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) continues to strengthen its presence in the Ukrainian oil and gas market.

Friday, 6 Oct 2017
Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association’s Position Regarding the OKKO Petrol Station Incident.

Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association would like to voice its views on the events of October 4, when “activists” and locals destroyed the OKKO filling station being built on the Revutskogo Str. in Kyiv. In total, 14 people were injured on both sides and facility owners’ property was damaged.

Friday, 15 Sep 2017
Europe is Increasing Gas-Powered Cars Production

European car manufacturers surveyed by The Wall Street Journal consider the demand for electric cars too low for them to replace diesel cars in the near future.

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017
Press Conference on Liquified Gas Market Situation Held in Kyiv

The price for liquefied natural gas has passed its peak, and the market stabilization followed by a pullback of prices is expected in late September to early October.

Monday, 7 Aug 2017
From Excise to VAT

One of the biggest components of the oil products cost is taxes. When oil prices fell to $ 30 per barrel, the share of taxes in the cost of 1 liter of gasoline became equal to the “oil” price. Currently, 42.7% of the retail price of gasoline and 35% of diesel fuel are for excise and VAT. While speaking about the wholesale price of diesel fuel, for which it is purchased by industry and large […]

Monday, 7 Aug 2017
We are proud to have helped our native city

Our company has actively participated in the program of demolition of illegal gas stations in Kyiv. We are proud to have helped the city in which we were born, where we live and work, and which we love.

Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017
The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine lifted penalties in response to the demand of oil traders.

In the end of the last year the Antimonopoly Committee fined the largest oil traders in the country for the total amount of UAH 204,325,103 for the alleged “coordinated market behaviour”.