Concern Galnaftogaz is a leading Ukrainian company, which basic activity is retail realization of fuel and related products through OKKO network of fuel stations. Concern Galnaftogaz operates in all 24 regions of Ukraine. Large and small wholesale sales of petroleum products and rendering services for storage and transportation of petroleum products for legal entities in another important activity of the Group.


WOG is the first national network of fuel stations “with a good mood”. We not only refill your car with fuel of guaranteed quality. We care about your comfort and convenience.
WOG fuel stations are represented in 24 regions of Ukraine. Every day we serve 150,000 customers.


Shell in Ukraine
Royal Dutch Shell is one of the world’s leaders in energy and petrochemical industry. Today Shell Downstream business operates in close to 80 countries with over half a million people representing the Shell brand in front of the Customers at approximately 43,000 retail sites.
Shell Retail business entered to Ukrainian market in 2007 and it’s Shell branded petrol stations network operated by Royal Dutch Shell since then. Shell Retail Ukraine is a part of Central and Eastern European geographic cluster of Shell Downstream Retail.
Today, Shell filling stations network consists of 132 stations in 18 regions of Ukraine.

Anvitrade LLC is a trading company in the Wexler Group. The company holds a leading position in supply of diesel fuel to Ukrainian market. The company sells railway and automobile diesel fuel sourced from Novograd-Volynsky station. LLC Anvitrade is also the operator of auto-loading in Smyg. A subsidiary of LLC Anvitrade — Port petroleum depot, carries out auto-loading in the Darnytskyi district of Kiev with small-scale wholesale shipments. In 2018, the company sold 635 thousand tons of diesel fuel.


KLO Kiev network of fuel stations was founded in 1995. Currently the network consists of 60 fuel stations with their own restaurants, shops, cafes, car washes in the city of Kiev, and Kiev, Zhytomir and Chernigov regions. The company is the leader among the fuel market operators in the field of the development of alternative energy sources. KLO actively supports community organizations on issues of environmental protection, sports development, and volunteer programs.


Parallel-M LTD LLC is a large fuel company. Parallel oil products are sold today at 61 fuel complexes and filling stations in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye regions and Ukraine-controlled territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The company is also one of the largest Ukrainian large and small wholesale fuel suppliers. The authorized capital of LLC Parallel-M LTD is controlled by the Parallel Nafta LTD, a subsidiary of SCM Group. 100% shares of SCM belong to Rinat Akhmetov.


BNK-UKRAINE LLC is an importer of oil products produced by Belorussian oil refineries Naftan JSC, Mozyr oil refinery JSC and Belorussian gas processing plant RUE PA Belorusneft.
The main activities of the company are:
— Import and sales of petroleum products (optimization and geographic coverage of supply of petroleum products produced in Belarus);
— Rendering forwarding services in the territory of Ukraine.
Currently BNK-UKRAINE LLC sells petroleum products to the companies that own small and large networks of fuel stations, owners of the tank farms, and other consumers within the territory of Ukraine.

AMIC Украина

Amic Energy is the Austrian network of fuel stations, which has as its mission to render to Ukrainian drivers access to high-quality European fuel. The official launch of the first 48 fuel stations was held in May 2015. The main working principle of AMIC is to ensure mutually beneficial cooperation based on honest, open and trusting relationship with each partner.


SOCAR is the brand owned by the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic, the largest vertically integrated oil and gas Corporation of Azerbaijan.
SOCAR started its operation in Ukraine in 2009. From that time the network of branded fuel complexes is developed, specific features of which are quality, service and innovation.

Zaporozhoilgroup is a regional company in the wholesale and retail trade of petroleum products, established in 2012. The company has its own retail network ZOG, which has 20 filling stations. ZOG is the first Ukrainian chain of discount filling station — gas stations with a wide choice of fuel at wholesale prices. The filling stations are represented in Zaporizhzhya and Dnipropetrovsk (Sicheslavsky) regions. In the near future, Zaporozhoilgroup plans opening of ZOG filling stations in other regions of Ukraine.

The network is developing dynamically, both geographically and in terms of quality and services. Own tank farm and logistics provide uninterrupted supply of fuel to all filling stations, and a unique and only laboratory in the southeast of Ukraine, guaranteeing the high quality of petroleum products.

The company actively participates in the public and social life of the region, supporting various social projects.

The main priorities of the company are clients, staff and quality of services.

A national fuel company, Glusco Ukraine is a subsidiary of Switzerland’s Glusco Energy S.A., which is a part of the Proton Group.

Glusko Ukraine is a wholesaler of light petroleum products.

The company believes that the impossible is just an opportunity no one has managed to capitalise on thus far.

It intends to trigger global transformations that will affect not only the international economy but also future generations, opening opportunities that today seem impossible.

Tsentrnaftogazpostach company has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 2014. Its domain is domestic and imported liquefied gas trade. In cooperation with other companies, Tsentrnaftogazpostach provides LPG transshipment services through 16 gas filling stations, as well as through the PJSC UkrGasVydobuvannya Iabluniv branch’s facilities.

ПАО «Укргаздобыча»

PJSC UkrGasVydobuvannya is the largest gas production enterprise in Ukraine, the largest taxpayer to the state budget of Ukraine, vertically integrated company, activities of which include all stages starting from exploration and development of deposits, production of gas, condensed gas and oil, raw materials processing, and up to the wholesale and retail sales of petroleum products using own as stations network.

Gaztron-Ukraine (part of the GT Group structure) has been present on the Ukrainian market since 2006. The company conducts wholesale sales of liquefied gas, operates a fleet of more than 20 tank trucks for transporting liquefied gas, and sells light and dark oil products on the domestic market. From December 2016, Gaztron-Ukraine began importing natural gas.