Thursday, 7 Dec 2017
UOGA Warns About Potential Budgetary Losses Resulting from Changes in Legislation on Bio-Ethanol Turnover

The Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association (UOGA) monitors carefully the situation related to attempts of lobbying groups to introduce changes into the legislation in the process of state budget drafting, regarding problems of control over bioethanol turnover.

Wednesday, 2 Aug 2017
Details on the amendments to the Resolution of the CMU No. 1107

Ukrainian Oil & Gas Association continues to participate in the active improvement of the regulations regarding labour protection and its adjusting to the legislation of the EU.

Tuesday, 4 Apr 2017
Vitalii Klichko and the Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association Sign Memorandum on Joint Countering Illegal Business

On April 4, the Ukrainian Oil&Gas Association and Kiev Mayor Vitalii Klichko signed an agreement on cooperation to stop the illegal selling of petroleum products, which threaten the safety and health of the residents of the capital.

Tuesday, 28 Mar 2017
Kiev Started to Address the Problem of Illegally Arranged Fuel Stations

In Podolskii district of Kiev, because of the dismantling that has begun, the number of operating natural gas filling stations has decreased by 80%.

Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017
Consequences of Widespread Power Outages for the Ukrainians

Here we provide all scenarios of events in case if the Government will decide to implement rolling blackouts after all.